Let My People Sing

Welcome to Let My People Sing! 

LMPS will be held in West Philly on March 16-17. 

Register now to get early bird rates: $90 for non-members and $54 for members. On Friday, March 2 at 4pm, registration will increase to $108 for non-members and $72 for members.

If you have any questions, please email lmps@kol-tzedek.org about logistics (food, housing, volunteering, accessibility, etc.) or 
info@letmypeoplesing.org with questions about programming (leading a session, davvening, leyning, etc.)

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If your preferred pronouns are not listed, please give them here.
If you need accommodations other than lift access (quiet space, large print, etc.) please describe them here.
All meals/snacks will be vegetarian. Please note other food restrictions/allergies (including request for food that is not made/delivered on Shabbat, grape juice to make Kiddush at each meal, etc.)
Kol Tzedek will attempt to match guests and host homes for Friday and Saturday nights. If you are traveling from out of town and would like to stay with someone, please tell us about your housing needs/preferences. If you can provide a space on your floor, couch, or guest bedroom, please tell us about your ability to host (number of people or families, kids OK, etc.) NOTE THAT KT CANNOT PROVIDE HOME HOSPITALITY IN HEKSHER KOSHER HOMES. We ask that you negotiate Shabbat observance over email before the date.
When Let My People Sing! happens at the Isabella Friedman retreat center, we offer three different tefillah options: Orthodox, Traditional Egalitarian, and Alternative/Renewal. For Let My People Sing! Philly, we will have one service that honors the minhag hamakom (custom of the community) of Kol Tzedek. The tefillah services at LMPS Philly will use the Kol HaNeshama siddur, which is aligned with the Reconstructionist movement. The services will be a mix of chanting, traditional Reconstructionist liturgy, and song. The only instruments we will be using are our voices. Maybe this type of service is new for you or outside of your comfort zone. Even so, we encourage you to join us in prayer, in whatever way feels authentic to you. We are also considering adding a yoga/meditation/chanting break-out group during the first part of the Saturday morning service (but we will do the Torah service together). If you can offer leadership or support during the Friday night or Saturday morning services, please indicate how:
The song sessions at Let My People Sing will be entirely led by participants. Want to lead an hour-long song singing and/or sharing session? Please provide a SESSION TITLE and ONE-PARAGRAPH PROPOSAL below. We also welcome musical session leaders in our children's programming (ages 1-4 or ages 5-12). These sessions can be as short as 20 minutes, and can take place during services on Friday night or Saturday morning, or during the sessions on Saturday afternoon. Note: You are not required to lead a session; feel free to skip the following questions.