Sponsor an Oneg

Thank you for feeding and sustaining our community!


Members can sponsor a full meal or make a contribution towards the cost of the meal.


To sponsor an oneg, first please complete this form. We will then follow up with you to confirm the date.

If you have already confirmed a date for your oneg with Rabbi Ari Lev and Nadav, please enter the date here. (If you need a specific date and have not already spoken with them, please contact them before filling out this form.)
If you are making a general donation to sponsor an oneg and you do not have a date preference, please explain below. You can also refer to http://www.kol-tzedek.org/calendar.html for Shabbat service dates and provide a list of several possible dates. Your actual date will be confirmed by Nadav.
For example, the Cohen Family, the Cohens, Bob & Jim Cohen, etc.
The cost of a full meal for 50 people after Shabbat for Everyone is about $600. (If you would like a deluxe oneg with smoked salmon, this costs us an additional $200; email Nadav to arrange.) The cost of light snacks for 50 people after Friday Night services is about $250; the cost of a light meal for 50 people after Friday Night services is about $500. Please consider sponsoring as generously as you are able.
Sponsor An Oneg
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